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What Is a Security IR Camera? Compare CCTV Cameras


What is a Security IR Camera?

Typically most cameras do not see well in the dark and it is not practical in many instances to add lights or leave them on 24/7, so many cameras now have IR LED’s which stands for InfraRed Light Emitting Diode. These IR LED’s produce a light source that the naked eye cannot see, except in some cases if you look at the LED you will see a faint red glow. The same LED’s have been used in remote control for TV’s, video’s, DVD players etc for a long time.

They are generally added to the outside rim of a camera lens and usually only turn on when it gets dark, allow you to see in the dark.

Great addition to security and very cost effective, in fact they have fast become the most popular type installed.

Downside:  Not many downsides, except that often these are used with fixed lens cameras and whilst great for many applications a full body camera give you many more options. The other very minor issue is that most IR LED’s have an average  life of 25,000 to 100,000 hours. Sooner or later and I suggest much much later they will not work. if you work it, they may be on for 12hours per day which is equal to 4380 hours per year so they should work for at least 5 to 25 years and that is why I suggest it is a minor downside as I doubt we would be using the same CCTV  system in 25 years.

The technology is very useful for night vision and although not perfect for all situations they are very very useful for most and very affordable.

happy hunting, searching, buying, installing or repairing.



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