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Video Camera Security System – Expectations For the New Buyer

Security for your home, family or business is probably something you think about a lot.

Do you ever wonder?

– What is the babysitter is doing while watching your kids?
– Is there someone swimming in your pool?
– Did a package get delivered?
– Are my dogs tearing the house up?
– Did someone break in?

The list goes on…

So how do you choose a video camera security system that meets your needs? Here is some advice of what to expect when buying a video security system.

Cost – First, realize that you don’t have to spend a fortune – many decent wireless web cameras are available in the $90-$120 price range.

Wired or wireless? – A hard wired video camera security system uses standard Ethernet cable to connect devices, a wireless system connects via a wireless router.

Ease of Set Up -Wireless Video Camera Security Systems are a bit more complex to configure – you may need help – Most companies provide good tech support. Wired security is usually easier to set up but less discreet as wires are visible.

Camera placement – Wireless web cameras enable you to place cameras anywhere you need as long as you’re within about 100 feet of the WIFI router. With hard wired systems You are limited with camera placement.

Negative product reviews – These usually from user error during set up or configuration. Most buyers’ technical levels vary considerably. You’ll probably read scathing reviews of how impossible it is to get a particular wireless camera to work. The next review of the exact same product will be absolutely positive. 9 times out of 10 the product works fine, but the user did not have the trouble-shooting skills to resolve the set up issue – again phone tech support with wireless products usually solve the issue.

Motion detection – This feature is something you should consider on a video camera security system. While there is no motion in the room, the camera will remain idle. As soon as there is movement within the camera view the device will begin recording.

Email forwarding A camera with motion detection also may come with email forwarding. Any images captured triggered by motioned will be emailed you.

How Discreet? Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Many security cameras are obvious looking and “camera like” – however you can purchase high quality wireless cameras disguised as boom boxes, coffee mugs, or plants.

Why not get the security you need as well as peace of mind? The learning curve on most devices is relatively low, and phone tech support is available with most major companies when you do have a problem.


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