Types of Photography – Photojournalism


Photojournalism is a field of photography devoted to taking precise shots of current events. The basic goal of a photojournalist is to take pictures to accompany a news report may it be aired or published on tabloids. However, truly great photojournalism pictures should tell the story before the text or broadcaster does. Photojournalism pictures attempt to catch the viewer’s attention and emotion to entice him to continue listening to or reading about the story. Just like newspaper FrontPage covers with great, stunning shots of the latest current event: these pictures reflect the articles’ titles while bringing a huge impact to news report by visually communicating the poignancy of the event.

One of the key views of photojournalism is to give accurate pictures that will compromise the integrity of the issue. Therefore, altering pictures with computer software is prohibited among serious photojournalists and news organizations. This code of ethics is one of the important characteristics of photojournalism that identifies it from other types of photography.

A hint of photo manipulation in photojournalism can ruin one’s career. Because of this, photojournalists mostly prefer using traditional film rather than digital cameras. Although photojournalists find digital cameras convenient by letting them review photos instantly in the field, yet digital images are more open to fake than film negatives.

Images that inspire the emotion of the scene within the viewer are the best photojournalistic picture. Good examples of photojournalism engage viewers and make them want to read the accompanying story. Photos of natural calamities like tsunamis striking houses on shores or hurricanes and tornados hitting lots of properties are just few examples of photojournalism. For many, these images continue to remain in the memory of the viewers longer than the words of the articles in the newspapers. Such examples of photojournalism express the power and responsibilities of the professional photojournalist.

The field of photojournalism may also be interpreted to be in a form of art. The theme of the scene, selection of angles and lens choices all specify the impact and power of the output. Pieces of photojournalism have been displayed more and more in art galleries recently, bringing it more respect as an art form.



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