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Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book – Inspirational Or A Waste Of Your Money?


It’s Christmas. The kids are home from school, the family is together and our thoughts are on letting go and having fun. It’s the silly season as we say in Australia. I wasn’t going to review another weight loss solution or online money making program. I wanted to review something that was fun and something I was interested in. Photography for me is relaxing and fun and I hoped others feel that same way too.

How many of you got a camera for Christmas? OK… How many of you love photography? Now, how many are envious of other photographer’s work and wish you can create pictures like they can? How many of you aren’t very good at Photoshop but love to learn more? And how many, like me, are old school and were taught to do everything in camera not on a computer? I thought so, well if you answered yes to any one of these questions I want to tell you about an e-Book you’ll love. It’s the Trick Photography and Special Effects e-Book. It teaches, it inspires and it is a lot of fun this Christmas holidays.

What Is Trick Photography and Special Effects?

Trick Photography and Special Effects is a 190 page e-Book. This e-book is made so it’s easy to understand whether you are a beginner, advanced or a working professional. It’s well thought out with literally hundreds of real examples and real photos taken by photographers for photographers. You can open this book on almost any page and get engrossed in topics that are fun to do and at the same time learn more about what we love doing, which is photography. I love it because even though it’s very detailed it also re-ignites your creativity with new ideas and new techniques. There is something in it for everybody who is into photography.

Trick Photography and Special Effects is broken up into 3 categories:

Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting:
• Fundamental lights and techniques
• Light sources
• Light painting techniques
• Lightning
• Motion blur
• Star trails
• Many more fun long exposures

Trick Photography and Special Effects:
• In-Camera illusions
• HDR photography
• Infrared photography
• 360 Degree panoramas
• The Droste Effect
• Time-Displacement photography via scanner
• The Harris Shutter Effect

Photoshop Projects:
• Introduction to layer masks and blending modes
• Multiplicity photography
• Levitation photography
• The invisible man
• Flash manipulation
• Fake tilt-shift photography
• Mixing day with night

This e-Book is inspirational, exciting and a great waste of time over the holiday season. You will have fun and learn something in the process. Best of all it will get you doing something that adds to your enjoyment of life and your enjoyment of photography.



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