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Safety Cameras Look Fuzzy? Perhaps They’re Simply Soiled


Most CCTV cameras bought within the safety trade right this moment use a Lexan dome or cowl to guard the digital camera and lens. Lexan is the registered trademark, and is a kind of polycarbonate plastic. What makes Lexan distinctive is it is extremely sturdy and may be simply remodeled into quite a lot of completely different shapes. Its power and lightweight weight makes it a wonderful glass substitute. The issue with Lexan is it shouldn’t be cleaned like glass.

Polycarbonates though scratch resistant they don’t seem to be scratch-proof and are very completely different from glass. Utilizing any kind of cleaner that’s alcohol based mostly will really injury the fabric. At first utilizing a product corresponding to Windex or 409 (widespread glass cleansing merchandise) might seem to have been cleaned the dome however it should rapidly get a milky white build-up masking it. Rain-X can also be one other cleaner that shouldn’t be used to on Lexan digital camera domes. Rain-X leaves an alcohol-based residue behind to withstand water adhesion. This residue will hurt the Lexan dome.

So what product must you use to wash your safety dome cameras? You could use a cleaner that’s particularly formulated to wash Polycarbonate plastics. There are a selection of plastic cleansing merchandise in the marketplace. When you have a badly scratched dome or one cleaned with an alcohol based mostly product strive utilizing Novus plastic cleansing merchandise. This firm provides a 3 step cleansing course of which may get most digital camera domes clear and scale back or take away scratches. You be certain that to make use of a clear sharpening fabric that has been dampened. Cleansing a dome with a dry paper towel can really scratch the Lexan.

Guaranteeing a clear digital camera dome has change into extra essential just lately with Megapixel cameras coming into the market. Megapixel cameras require a superior clear dome to provide the very best image. Grime and scratches on the digital camera dome can tremendously scale back the standard of the digital camera’s picture. Having a digital camera, particularly exterior domes, cleaned frequently is a good suggestion. One good rule of thumb is to have exterior cameras cleaned one or twice a 12 months. Inside cameras in an workplace setting can many instances go as much as 2 years between cleanings, however cameras in manufacturing, processing, and industrial areas must be cleaned about every year.

So in case your cameras do not appear to have the identical high quality as they could have as soon as had, strive cleansing your safety cameras with a high quality plastic cleaner. You may be amazed on the general enchancment of the video out of your surveillance system.



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