Photography Outlook Until 2014



Cameras have advanced through the years. From the old ones that use film, we now have the digital cameras. After the standalone units comes the smartphones built with cameras that can capture images of similar or even better quality than the digital cameras.

Today, more than ever, people are in the habit of taking as many photos as they like where they go. Thanks to the digital units, consumers today enjoy keeping their memories and sharing them as often as they can online through the various photo sharing sites. But other than the main camera itself, the memory card is also instrumental in helping people capture numerous images during their photo sessions. With this advanced storage card, hundreds of pictures can be saved and shared on the internet.

Big cameras are it

For the future, the big cameras are going to make a comeback. Manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon and Sony are putting their bet on the high-end units that boast of full-frame sensors. The latest buzz is that Photokina will roll out five full frame models.

The best part is that these cameras will become more affordable. Canon's 6D and Nikon's D600 are selling for $ 2,100 while Sony also has its SLT-A99 valued at $ 2,800. Sony's SLT-A99 boasts of great features such as full-time autofocus in live view but is much affordable compared to its close rivals (Nikon D4 and Canon 1D X) which are at a price range of $ 6,000- $ 6,800.

Moving onwards, analysts see many photographers seeking image quality that can be achieved by a massive sensor. This may be the feature they will be looking for more than the sturdy body.

Mobile Imaging

As smartphones are now more patronized by consumers more than the digital cameras, top camera manufacturers are considering the idea of ​​incorporating some mobile phone features in their products. Wireless capability is what's being focused on by the makers these days to allow for faster and easy sharing of images on the internet without having to use the computer.

So far, only Samsung has responded to this need. Its Galaxy Camera is known as the first smart camera since its compact. Some of its great features a wide screen measuring 4.8 inches, a touch interface, 3G / 4G data antenna and the latest version of Android.

Expensive cameras

One of the trends being predicted is the creation of expensive digital cameras of different brands. These are the equivalent of luxury cars with unique designs.

An example is the Lunar made by Hasselblad which is selling at $ 6,500. In truth, this digital camera is just the larger version of Sony's NEX-7 but features a new frame.

Leica, for its part, has the V-Lux series which are very similar to the Panasonic units. They even have the same designs but only their logo or brand is different.

Along these three, the demand for longer zooms, higher megapixels and brighter lenses will also continue. Manufacturers are listening and taking action and hopefully, these features will soon become a reality.


Source by Kalyan Kumar


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