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So, I’m out here, in the little forest in the North-West part of Denmark. It’s a little before seven, the sun has risen. The reason why I’m out today is to do some close-ups or macro photography, of these small, beautiful white flowers you can see in the background. Anemona they are called in Danish, I think it’s Anemones in English, but I’m not sure. It would almost be too easy! I’m just waiting now because I would like the wind to calm down a little bit. It’s not windy, but there’s just enough for making small movements, and that’s such a bad combination with macro photography.

And also, I’m waiting for the sun to hit the trees over there because then, hopefully, I can get the photo of a little Anemone with a blue cast because of the shadow and then maybe, you know, the out-of-focus circles in the background could be a little yellow. Just to try to experiment! So, we’re just waiting with a cup of coffee until that, hopefully, happens soon. I love being here in the morning because this is before the land wake. This is before people start to go out on trips, the cars start to run on the roads… It’s like a holy time of the day where everything is quiet, everything is calm – the birds are singing beautifully up there in the treetops. It’s just fantastic. I have a busy day today because when I’m done here when the light gets too hard, I need to relocate or replace some of my game cameras because I have not been too lucky and I have not found that den where the fox is coming and going. Got a few pictures of badgers and I’m photographing up there. I have got my first photos but I haven’t found the fox yet. I feel I’m running out of time. There are some things to do there. But that’s for another time. Now, it’s just about enjoying the morning with the camera and hopefully, I can get a few good photos of these beautiful, small anemones. So! I feel really, really rusty with this kind of photography. I’ve been focusing on wildlife photography for so long now and I Haven’t been doing this since last spring, so it’s like a year since I have done any macro photography. I wish I could say, oh, it’s the light, it’s too hard or the wind is picking up a little bit or… But there are no excuses.

The limit is here, my imagination… Ah, coffee! Wait… My imagination, my creativity. All these flowers, I feel every time I’m working with one, I feel that maybe this one is better, this one is better and it’s such a good exercise – focusing. Just focus on what I’m doing right here, right now, instead of looking at all the other flowers and the other backgrounds. But yeah, this is definitely… I can’t wait to get out again. Now, I just want to have my coffee and relax. Then it’s time to go out to set up my game cameras again at different places and hope to get something. I have to go home and work a little on my terrace, the deck. The balcony thing is done, the wooden structure, and now I need the wooden deck. These days are beautiful. The sun out with a blue sky now. The light is getting hard. There’s an awesome day ahead. So yeah, I think I’ll just… I hope tomorrow there’ll be a little less wind and maybe, I hope, I will be a little more creative. So, I’m going out again tomorrow to see if I can photograph these beautiful flowers. But yeah, see you out there!


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