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Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera Toy Review

Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera Toy Review

Digital cameras are great. They have given the average person the ability to take professional looking photographs with ease. If you take a picture and don’t like it you can easily delete the picture. Up until now this was an adult only activity and children were only able to look at the photos that their parents have taken. Many children begged their parents to allow them to take their own pictures, I know mine did. But how could we in our right mind hand over our digital camera that cost hundreds of dollars so that our kids could take a picture.

Well, there is finally some good know for all of us parents out their being begged by our children to allow them to take pictures. Fisher-Price realized the need and has developed the very first digital camera just for kids called the Kid Tough Digital Camera. The digital camera is made of a rough exterior that can resist in the toughest of abuse a young child could put it through. It is no surprise that stores couldn’t keep this kid friendly digital camera on the shelf.

This holiday season Fisher-Price has out done themselves again with the next innovative digital camera just for kids that are waterproof. The new Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera is ideal for picture taking all year round and can withstand any abuse your child can put it through, including submerging it in water!

The Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera has all of the same kid friendly and fun features of the previous model, including:

o Easy-to-use buttons
o 1.5 inch LCD view screen
o Auto flash
o 64MB of flash memory with the ability to save 500 photos
o USB cable
o Unique two-eye view screen that allows children to take photos quickly and easily.

This ones sure to be just as big of a hit as its predecessor so be sure to pick up the camera for your kids this holiday season before its too late. Not only will your kids have fun taking their own pictures the camera helps with their educational growth. For instance, the camera helps your child to develop coordination. After all, pictures cannot take themselves; your child will have to learn to maneuver the buttons, which will help aid in their cognitive development. Your kids will have a blast by being able to take photos of fun events such as holidays, vacations, pets and their friends. Don’t you wish you could have done that when you were I child?

So pick up a Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera for your child this holiday season and give them a gift they will be able to cherish for a lifetime. Plus they’ll finally leave your digital camera alone!


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