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There are many benefits to going digital. However, it can be hard to learn how to use a digital camera. Hopefully this article will guide you to know how to use it right.

Digital photography is great. One of the greatest benefits is that you can many photos and delete without much problem. You do not have to worry about using film and having to buy more.

Now, if you have a camera that's digital and automatic then you are going to have some trouble using it manually. However, you can still take great shots with it following some simple compositional tips and techniques.

If you have a more manual camera then you'll be able to manipulate many settings. Two settings you really want to get to know are the shutter and aperture.

The shutter basically is a little slot that opens when you take the picture. When it opens it lets light in. The amount of time that the shutter is opened is the shutter setting you use. A shutter of 1/30 is open for a thirieth of a second. A longer amount of time being opens means that the photo is going to be brighter.

The aperture is the iris of the camera. It is the hole that lets light in. Bigger iris settings mean that you are going to let more light in. A larger aperture of f / 2.8 will let lots of light in. This makes the photo have a more shallow depth of field. A smaller setting like F / 16 will let much less light in and mean you will probably need a larger aperture if in a darker setting. Smaller apertures mean you'll get a more expansive depth of field.


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