How To Pose In Photographs Properly



You think that taking stunning portraits of people can be done just by posing in front of the camera and smiling? Think again.

In order to have very enticing and beautifully taken portraits, there are a lot of poses to consider for some of your subject’s body parts, as well as emotional connection between the viewer and the subject.

The first thing that a viewer notices when he looks at a portrait is the face, thus directly interpreting what the face tells us. Therefore, it is very important to express the right emotions in order to convey the right message. This technique also helps in avoiding awkward expressions on the subject’s face. This is where emotional connection is built. Upon taking the picture, the model has to think that he or she is communicating and saying something to everybody who sees the portrait. The subject must be able to establish a relationship for the portrait to be effective and be stunning.

Next, the feet must properly be positioned but should not look awkward. The model must be comfortable with what he or she is doing. This way, your subject will not look funny on the portrait for being so stiff. The rear foot should point to the side forming a 90-degree angle and the front leg facing forward. Just imagine forming a capital letter L (or inverted capital letter L) using your feet. This will give a slimmer look for the model as well. Doing the usual position (feet paralleled and pointed in front of the camera) suggests assertiveness and quite not pleasant for the viewer’s eyes.

Also, the hips may add sexiness on the model. By putting your weight at the back leg, the hips of that leg will form. Thus, this creates a sense of attractiveness on the subject and relaxes his or her body.

The most prominent part of the portrait should be the head. That is why too much attention should be drawn on it. Common shots are eye-level but you can try something beyond what is the trend. You can take a picture from above or even below. It is for you to explore. However, do make sure that the focal point is still on the face and the head. Also, always leave your subject a space to look at if he or she is looking away from the camera. This adds a little intrigue for the viewers since they are curious of what the subject is looking at. Position the subject at the end of the frame if he or she is looking somewhere else. But be sure to still include the whole of your model’s face or else, the drama will vanish.

Finally, the eyes must be very firm on what the model is trying to convey. The eyes must be powerful and never doubtful since these set the mood of the whole image. If the eyes do not go with what the body and the face are saying, the image will be very confusing. Even if the subject is not looking directly on the camera, the eyes must have great convincing power to persuade viewer’s attention.

Blatantly, the model has a big role to portray in the magnificent creation of your portrait. However, it is the photographer’s job to direct the model and tell them what to do so that stunning images can be produced.


Source by Samanta Vis


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