History of Video Production


The very first movie were developed in the 18th century. During this duration, city streets trains and dancing celebrations were caught to create the moving images.

Taking a step back even more into photography, the very first black and white picture was captured in 1826 by a French developer known as Joseph Niepce.

Developments in moving pictures started in 1878 and was done by English professional photographers who caught moving animals but utilizing multiple electronic cameras. The work was presented in a zoopraxiscope, and the series of images he produced were copied to create what would look like a movie.

Later in the late 18th century, the Lumiere bros created the world’s very first forecasted movie.

In the mid 19th century, another development was achieved, and this saw the birth of video production.

This was at the same time when live tv concerned the scene. During this duration, mechanical editing remained in an advanced stage, and this was what allowed the live Television programs.

Later on when computers would start changing things, one of the significant beneficiaries was video production. This remained in the late 19th century when non-linear editing entered perspective utilizing technology.




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