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History of Disposable Cameras

History of Disposable Cameras

In the late 1940’s a company named Photo-Pac pioneered the creation of a cardboard camera which can take only 8 shots and then mailed-in for the long processing. In those days, cameras were very expensive, and oftentimes have been kept in safety at home. People who obtained a camera would be the talk of the town and became a bragging material of some. But due to frustration of H. M. Stiles cause of the limitation of the existing camera, he invented a camera that can include 35mm film with a cheap precision film transport mechanism which is available at $1.29. Though, Photo-Pac produced camera has fairly basic features as the competitors offers and it failed to gain market interest.

The common disposable camera today was developed by the company called Fujifilm around the summer of 1986. Their QuickSnap line is utilizing a 35 mm film, while the Eastman Kodak Fling has been based on a 110 film. So in 1988, Kodak did release their version of 35 mm disposable camera and in 1989 the company renamed the 35 mm version to FunSaver and stop producing the 110 Fling versions. In Japan, the QuickSnap was priced up to 1,380 yen and became widely popular among the people.

So companies like Konika, Canon and Nikon sooner manufactured their own versions of cameras just to stay competing to Fuji which latter introduced the advanced features like waterproof camera, inclusion of a flash and a panoramic photographic feature and also introduced manual zoom feature which is possible by shifting two lenses in front of the shutter. Almost 10 years after by the winter of 2005 disposable cameras became stapled to the consumer film camera market and the flash – equipped disposables were normally used.

Rapid evolution of cameras in the market – more researchers hired by the camera making companies give their effort to revolutionize the usage and style of the existing digital camera. Although, the advent of the digital cameras becomes the exiting point of disposable cameras, having a disposable camera will not be out of the trend. But having the risk of pacing out of support, disposable cameras are losing its grasp in the current market.


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