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Eachine MC01 Review: AIO FPV Camera With 600TVL Resolution


As for the RC drone enthusiasts, they are fond of the powerful equipment, which makes them enjoy the flight. If you are searching for an FPV camera, you could try the new product of Eachine MC01 which I would like to show you in this article. It is an excellent AIO FPV camera, which has the three-in-one functions of camera, transmitter and antenna.

AIO FPV Camera

AIO FPV camera means that this product has all-in-one three functions of FPV camera, transmitter and antenna in such a limit size of 25*18*19. 7mm. It only has a weight of 8 grams. Depending on the mini size and light weight, it would save room and reduce the loading burdens. This is useful for your RC drone. Additionally, it supports wide voltage inputs between 5V to 17V, which shows 100mA low current operation and power consumption.

FPV Camera

Equipped a 1/3 “CMOS sensor, the camera offers switchable NTSC and PAL formats. Besides, it has a 600TVL resolution lens. As the FPV( First Person View ) camera, it supports 120-degree FOV horizontal viewing angle and 150-degrees FOV diagonal perspective. What’ s more, it can install in any direction to allow freely switching horizontal viewing and vertical directions. And you can complete the operation by setting the NTSC/ PAL selecting buttons. When pressing the button in 2 seconds, the image will be upside down. While pressing in 5 seconds, the image will turn left and right.


It has a 5. 8G 40CH 25MW transmitter, which supports selecting channels by PWM ( Pulse Width Modulation ). Moreover, it has five bands 40 channels with Raceband, which can be showed on LED digital display. When you press the selecting button in one second, you can select the frequency. While pressing in 2 seconds, you can select the band.


In terms of the antenna equipment, it uses the RHCP circular polarization clover 4 leaf antenna to get the strong signal.


To sum up, Eachine MC01 is an outstanding RC drone equipment, which has the functions of FPV camera, transmitter and antenna. The obvious function is the FPV photography, which allows freely switching the photographing angles. Most importantly, it has a micro size, which benefits your RC drone. That is to say, your RC drone would have more loading space. If you like it, you can have a try! Wish you enjoy your FPV flight with this nice product.



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