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The Sony A55 appears to be taking the DSLR camera world by storm with its groundbreaking technological innovation. It alone is redefining what people think about top quality cameras.

The camera is actually under a thousand dollars in value but still allows the consumer to take advantage of great camera savings.

The Latest Changes in DSLR Cameras
The Sony A65 stands out amongst the rest when it comes to the latest in DSLR cameras. The latest reviews show that it stands out ahead of the pack in class and range. This camera captures amazing photographs at 24.3 megapixels at an astounding 10 frames per second. This is just about as good as you can expect in a DSLR camera. After this camera shoots the first frame, it automatically locks into automatic focus. This way it is able to stabilize the shoot.

The OLED electronic view finder
This is the first time ever that the world has seen anything like the OLED electronic view finder. Even in dim or darkened conditions this camera has the amazing ability to adjust in real time which in turn allows it to deliver the most vivid color and superb detail you could imagine. With a special sensor installed in these cameras, they now have the ability to continue shoot up to 10 frames per second and still be able to deliver fantastic results.

For the very first time ever, the DSLR can also produce the most excellent quality movies. They are incredibly smooth at 60p or even the standard 60oi. The video is also captured at the most vivid full HD resolution of 1920x108o.The result is a phenomenal picture display that will astound your eyes.

Translucent Design
The new DSLR cameras provide the ability to shoot and focus at the same time. You can do so with precision and speed that you would not believe as well. They also have the ability to direct light to both image and the phase sensor at the same time. These latest camera innovations deliver in every dream that makes a camera an excellent piece of equipment.

If you are in the market for a brand new camera, you could not have picked a more appropriate time. The prices are the lowest that they have ever been and you get the best functionality ever. Check out the new DSLR camera reviews today and see the latest in camera technology right before your very eyes.


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