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Canon G7 VS the Canon G6 Digital Camera Comparison and Review

During this time when digital SLR’s are going down in price and regular point and shoots are being created heavily by the major digital camera manufacturers. Canon has announced it new arsenal to its fleet of Powershot series. The New Canon G7 was created as the sole heir to its predecessor the Canon Powershot G6. Weighing in at just 320g (11.3 oz) the G7 is small and light enough to be considered a pocket camera, but not so small as to defy comfortable handling, even with gloves on. This is one of the first things that you’ll notice when picking one up is its metal construction and solid quality feel. Canon has taken out most of its raw features for reasons still unknown, but that didn’t stop them from adding a larger LCD which is now 2.5 inches compared to the G6’s 2 inches, a higher 207,000 pixels for its LCD screen resolution compared to the G6’s 118,000 pixels, and an excellent size 10.4 megapixel camera resolution. On top of this, Canon decided to double the focal length of the Canon G7.

The G7’s only flaw is that unlike the screens on its G series predecessor it isn’t so easy to understand it functions and settings. I won’t undermine the G7 too much for this, as the presence of the optical viewfinder compensates a lot by pushing the G7 up the must buy scale.

This camera makes an excellent buy for a starter photographer. For the price of a point and shoot digital camera a beginner can get almost close to the features of a professional digital SLR. Quite a buy!


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