Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Review



The Canon EOS 3Ti is the third EOS Rebel 'T' model to be released, replacing last years EOS T2i. This new digital SLR model offers many improvements over the older version including increased low light shooting options at higher ISO speeds, faster autofocusing system, full HD video recording and a variable angle LED display with over 1 million pixels of resolution. Let's have a defect look:

18 Megapixels for High Quality Prints

One of the main reasons to buy any new camera is how big the sensor is and how many megapixels of resolution the camera offers. In the case of the 3Ti, you're presented with what is known as a crop factor or APS-C sensor size (about half the size of a 35mm film size) that offers 18 megapixels. Due to the higher pixel density of the Canon, the result is pixel free images, even when enlarged to poster sized prints of 20×30 inches or more.

Fantastic Low Light Shooting Capability

Where other digital camera fail when the light drops, you can keep shooting with the Canon 3Ti thank you for the high ISO capability of this affordable DSLR. Compared to much higher priced digital cameras, when it comes to shooting in the dark the Canon 3Ti offers high ISO photograph with very little image quality degradation.

Full HD Video Recording Capability

Like all cameras released this year, the Canon also offers high definition video recording, but unlike less cameras the 3Ti can offer shooting modes of 1080p with more one frame per second setting. Choose from 24, 25 or 30 frames per second video shooting for a more cinematic feel. The manual focus control offers video focus shooting that you control for the ultimate in full control of your your videography.

Big and Bright LED Display

New to the Canon 3Ti is the ability to adjust the LED display away from the camera body for better viewing angles so you can compose an overview without images without glare – a common problem with standard DSLRs especially when shooting in bright daylight. The LED display also offers over 1 million pixels on a 3 inch LED display for the ultimate in image quality.


For the money, it's hard to beat the Canon 3Ti when it comes to price and performance ratio. With a street price of under $ 600, the Canon 3Ti offers the high est resolution digital camera on the market today, and the low light shooting is second to none, making the Canon 3Ti one of the best selling digital cameras on the market today.


Source by Jim Fitzsimmons


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