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We lose our life, which we live unharmed and insatiably, at an early age. Your soul is not happy anymore because it has devastated itself by giving too much value to everything that it can achieve without worthlessly and insatiably. Either he never thought, or he thought a lot and lost himself. However, only one object can make us feel all things. We need a flower that needs to bloom in our soul.

To support the flower, you need water, soil, and sun. If you think about it, can it warm you again that you have broken the heart of the sun? Or when you look at the water unnecessarily, it will come to your soil. Even the soil will always accommodate you even if you disrespect … Wouldn’t you stay in the dark that you lost? Sometimes I seem to hear you say we need darkness. Yes, it is true, but sometimes not always. When you are always in the dark, your leaves and your young soul will fade away. I have a thought in my mind: “Everything will start with love, but without breaking, pouring, running, hurting, tricking, but not insatiable … just to love”.Actually, love is hope in our soul.

When we always nurture this hope sufficiently, our soul will be renewed every day. We must always keep it alive so that it never loses its liveliness and light. Let the light shine around you. But you will lose as soon as you see the beauty on your face, not the light in your soul. We always think that we attract people with our external beauty. This is kind of true, but only for a while. Because the soul will want its own soul after a while. It will want a flower for itself. Love in our soul, stubbornness in our soul, hope in our soul, flowers blooming in our soul … .. Light in our soul that always deserves to be loved. The flower in our soul that deserves the sun, appreciates water, protects the soil.

When you do not take care of it, your soul is buried in darkness. As it is buried, your energy falls and your heart is defeated by life. I say you will start by loving everything. So how? Starting with the flower in your soul first, you will find life as that flower grows. As you come to life, your environment will smile.

Let me even admit one more thing. Maybe their faded flowers will be light to make your flowers in your soul bloom. Life is away, and this road will start with love and end with love.

When you feel this, you can get a feeling. You are either sulking or crying.

Why is it happening? I have an idea. Don’t let the flower in your soul start shedding its leaves one by one. Do you know what it says or even says as you shed its leaf?

Let me tell you immediately: “Don’t pour my leaf. Don’t let me fade. We need each other. Don’t leave the sun, water, my soil, the ants that grow inside me … come back to us, love it. People can make it wrong but love it, not the wrong flower. Believe it. In this life. Believe that there are too many flowers to live. But first, start with yourself. Start with us. From the flower in your soul. Sometimes run, sometimes walk, sometimes cry, always laugh but believe and fill with hope. Why doesn’t it happen to me? If he has come, you must say that I have a reason to find and fix it. First, love us, because even if you have no copies, nothing will be beautiful like the original. First, support yourself, support your loved ones.

He carefully dictates these phrases in our soul flower. When you don’t give him a voice, he sheds his leaves one by one. He fades with war, those white, yellow … leaves. There is no light, sun, water, or soil anymore. It dies in your soul. Maybe I had a very painful head. Perhaps I was confused by what I wrote. I might even have found meaningless sentences. If it has infinite leaves, how does it fade? How does it fall? How does it die? How, how?.”

The flower in your soul is such a glimmer of hope that there is an answer to that: “Yes, I breathe. I even die.

Death is perhaps an end for you, but not for me. I’m failing, but I’m not leaving you because I don’t want it. Just because you come back.

Love and make me green. Since I believed that one day would come, I had grown my leaves endlessly. You will either live with me forever or you will kill forever. Or I will grow green again and again.

A flower in my soul is attached to you, waiting for you … ”

confused, I seem to hear you say we can’t connect. Who am I? I am the flower in the soul of a person. I call out the soul of the person I love and adhere to you.

I see his struggle. He seems to give up all the time, but he does not.

Sometimes she despaired, she is recording herself, her perspective is closing, but she is somehow gathering herself without realizing that she is gathering.

People make hurt words for him, and he gets upset, sometimes he shows it too much, sometimes he doesn’t. But people are always judged because they always look at what is visible. Nobody ever looked at the flower in it, but I know.

He is a very good person and he cannot realize me, of course, he will see one day. He will talk to me. One day he will run instead of walking …

    I know his heart is loving. His energy is very high, only his influence, his self-confidence, his one day difference will make his life more meaningful. How do I know these? If he saw a flower, I saw that he caressed his leaf and loved it. Even though there were ants on him, I saw that he kissed the leaf, chatted with him, and started. He thinks too much but still loves it. In fact, one more reason that my leaves are endless.

To always be a hope for people who do not give up loving. To show that people who bloom in their souls in this life never have diminished …


  • I love her so much.

I apologize for hurting your head. I leave the pen slowly now. Just remember that only one flower can give you so much feeling. Keep your feelings strong and firm and leave the little note changing: “Everything will start with loving the flower in your soul.”




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