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While I have a bit of experience in the world of photography, getting my subjects in the proper pose is not always easy. People are not inanimate objects and that means they are either to fidgeting or positioning themselves in a manner that is more comfortable to them. While understandable, such photography poses do present more than a few obvious problems. Namely, the finished pose will not deliver the most aesthetically appealing result.

Does that mean you just have to accept poor photos? Well, if that were the case, you would not see any photographs in any magazines! In all seriousness, it is not all that difficult to coordinate proper photography poses. You simply need to follow a few basic points for achieving the desired result. Here are a few points that helped me effectively such an an outcome:

A Few Basic Tips

Pre-plan the session in advance so so you have an idea how to pose your subject. When you do not effectively plan out things in advance, the actual photo session could become a little haphazard. That can assure your ability to properly pose your subject.

Just do not try to over plan the session. You do not want to be too rigid and state “This is how it has to be!” Such an inflexible approach will not lead to the best session for photography poses or a decent set of photos.

The posture of the model must effectively work within the frame of the image. Proper symmetry must be maintained when you pose someone for a photo. You do not want the pose to lead to unevenness in the actual framing.

Make sure that the subject's pose complements the lighting in the environment. When you do not work with the available lighting when developing your model's pose, the finished result will not be even visible.

Hand positioning is important with photography poses. Always double check hand positioning to ensure the limbs do not appear uneven or otherwise threaten the aesthetic quality of the image. Often, merely moving the hand a few inches can improve the look of a photo model quite effectively.

Do not overlook the importance of facial expressions when placing your subject. Stoic or inappropriate facial expressions can seriously undersamine the effectiveness of the finished pose. Generally, if the facial expressions do not match the physical pose of the subject, the final photo will not be all too appealing.

Not getting any input from the subject of your photo is a huge mistake. Your model might be a little uncomfortable with some poses. Really, if you ask someone to strike a pose that aggravates a bad knee, do you think the pose with being an aesthetically pleasing one? Probably not! So, always get input from your subject.

Parting Words

Developing proper poses with a model is not all that complicated. Following a number of simple steps designed to arrive at the proper photo poses can deliver the perfect end result. When you take photos you want them to be memorable for the right reason. That is why effective positioning is so important.


Source by Joan Anson


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